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Yesil Inci


Foundation: 1994

Our company was established on February 24, 1994, with a factory having a capacity of 30 tons. In the early years, we focused on activities in the tea processing sector and recognized our growth potential over time. In 2005, we increased the capacity of our existing factory to 100 tons. This was part of our strategy to expand production and respond more quickly to customer demands. In 2009, with the new factory at our Güneştepe branch, we further increased our production capacity and added a facility of 50 tons. In the same year, we entered the petrol station business, expanding our business scope. In 2013, by establishing a modern sugar packaging factory in Eskişehir, we reached a daily capacity of 150 tons. This step strengthened our presence in the sugar sector and allowed us to appeal to a larger customer base. In 2023, we took a step into environmentally friendly energy production by establishing a solar energy plant (GES) dedicated to the solar energy sector. Currently, we operate with two factories having a daily tea processing capacity of 150 tons each and a 150-ton daily sugar packaging factory in the Turkish market. With our innovative approach, expanding production capacity, and diversied business areas, we continue to maintain our leadership in the industry.

Products: Tea

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