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Foundation: 2015


MFS GIDA PAZARLAMA, which started its commercial life with the wholesale trade of food and cleaning products in Rize in 2015, continues to increase its activity area day by day by growing with its developing product portfolio and marketing network.

Our company, which plays an important role in the supply chain in 2500 m² closed area and 500 m² open area in Rize Wholesalers Site; successfully continues its Distributor representation. In addition to these works, our company plays an important role in the overseas supply chain; It continues to grow steadily with its dynamic and professional staff and widespread distribution network.

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova are the export regions where it actively operates.


Our mission is to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level and to ensure customer loyalty by constantly improving our product, service and quality.

Our vision is to meet consumer expectations at the highest level with a wide product range by providing the right quality and price ratio.

Products: Tomato Pastes, Pickle Group, Canned Food, Sauces, Olives, Oils, Pulses, Cocoa Hazelnut Cream, Jams Frozen Cakes, Pet Food, Coffee, Tea & Beverages

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