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Foundation: 2015

Our Vision: To maintain the specific taste of the black tea, a national beverage of the Turkish people, and bring it into an indispensable habit at the international beverage market. To offer the best quality and excellent natured products of Turkey to the taste of the Turkish people without waiving from the total quality understanding.


Our Mission: To process the valuable resources of our country in a more fruitful way through the use of most advanced and up-to-date technology and produce the products at substantial quality, and as a consequence, become a food company that stands close to the consumers and offers them best value and grows with necessary stability.


OUR QUALITY POLICY: To follow up the sectoral and technological developments on a permanent basis and keep the productivity of the enterprise at the highest level;

·         To satisfy customer’s requirements and expectations in accordance with legal conditions;

·         To ensure the increase the customer satisfaction and maintenance of the same;

·         To reach and achieve high performance in processes through the observation of related risks and opportunities;

·         To raise the levels of knowledge and qualifications of our employees through training activities;

·         To meet the requirements and expectations of related parties upon participation of our employees as a whole;

·         To fulfil the environment, occupational safety, quality and food safety management system conditions;

Products: Tea

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