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Foundation: 1993

rize tropikal

Rize Tropikal Limited Company was founded in 1993 and has been engaged in producing and trade of agricultural products. Since its founding year to present, we have produced and traded many agricultural products, especially industrial and retail hazelnut, kiwi, and blueberry. Getting into the sector with hazelnut production in 1993, our brand has currently added kiwi, blueberry, fig and other fruits, dried fruits, hazelnut and tea to its product portfolio as well as hazelnut, and become the best Regional Brand of Rize. In 2012, we received Organic Farming Certificate in our region within the scope of Organic Fruit production project. In this context, with our more than 1000 farmers, we are engaged in making organic and natural production and trade of kiwi, hazelnut, bluberry, fig, pomegranate and other fresh fruits, dried fruits, tea, water and honey

Products: Inshell Hazelnut, Natural Hazelnut Kernels, Roasted & Blanched Hazelnuts, Fresh Fruits (Kiwi, Blueberry,Fig, Lemon, Quince, Orange, Pomengranate and others), Fresh Vegetables (Tomatoes, Capia Pepper and others), Dried Fruits (Apple, Kiwi,Orange and others), Tea (Black, Green, Organic types), Water (Natural Spring Water)

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