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Foundation: 2017


Özkale Gıda company was founded in 2017 in Akhisar and exports to more than 10 countries. Our facilities produce in Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone with 8000 tons / year capacity at 8000 m2 open and 10000 m2 closed areas using today’s latest technology to meet high quality standarts. Respecting human and environmental factors we aim to be a trusted and sought after brand in the sector. Every year we  expand our product range and develop products which are suitable for every customer’s taste. High quality olive products Zeythin and Olivius are produced at Özkale Gıda facilities in Akhisar, district of Manisa, equipped with the latest technologies. 


Zeythin and Olivius besides wide range of black and green olives varieties offer sliced and stuffed olives as well. Natural Black and Green Olives which mostly appealing to the Turkish palates take their place among basic products range. Yuvarlama Sele Olives are flavored only with the addition of sea salt which preserve its strong taste and aroma. Yagli Salamura Olives (Oil-cured Olives in brine) after keeping for a long time in its brine reach customers in ready to eat form by adding oil. Besides, Natural Green Olives after being slowly fermented are prepared crushed, scratched or as a cocktail to take its place ready on the tables with fresh lemon.

Products: Black and Green Olives, Sliced, Stuffed and Grilled Olives.

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