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Foundation: 1988


Nese Cay started tea production in 1988 with a small workshop in Cayeli, Rize. Currently, it continues to operate in our factory with an indoor area of 8000 square meters in Cayeli Sabuncular Mahallesi. Our factory processes 45 tons of fresh tea per day and has an annual production capacity of 1500 tons of black tea and 100 tons of green tea.


Nese Tea Food LTD. STI. Sensitivity to the environment; It shows with the Environmental Permit Certificate obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, and has become the leading company in the sector by having all the products it produces analyzed in accredited laboratories in order to maintain high quality standards and presenting them to its domestic and international customers.

Our company, which is the innovation leader, has been producing black Turkish Tea since 1988 and started to produce green tea with curly leaves and beads in 2015. In 2016, it produced White Tea, Oolong and Matcha Tea, respectively. Our company, which continues to work on how we can increase the value of tea, has also produced Tea Blossom Tea, and Jam from Tea Flowers.

It has obtained various flavors by combining our green tea, whose quality is highly appreciated by many people and whose values are very high in the analysis, with many natural plants. By not using any aroma in any of these products, it has brought the taste of completely natural herbs together with Green tea. Our company, which carries out the packaging of the products in a fully automatic tea packaging machine, has a tea packaging capacity of 450 tons per month and 5400 tons per year.

As Nese Cay family, the basic principle of our company is customer satisfaction. The taste offered to the consumer by the natural black Turkish tea we produce for the continuation of this satisfaction is one of the elements we trust. Working with the leading companies of the cafe industry, our company delivers all its products to homes with its own e-commerce site and from leading e-commerce platforms.

Products: Tea

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