As MVD family, we have been constantly advancing our machine diversity and technology with an innovative approach, without leaving understanding determined by our leader. We mainly provide CNC Press Brakes, CNC Guillotine Shears, CNC Punch Presses to the sheet metal processing industry, which we have experienced for over 70 years.Along with these machines, we are producing Expanded Metal Press upon special customer requests. In addition, MVD Fiber Laser and CNC Plasma machines, which we have developed in recent years and designed in accordance with the needs of the market, are also in high demand. We are experiencing pride in providing service as MVD Family, from Japan to Chile, from the USA to New Zealand, 90 countries. Accordingly, we are constantly increasing our production capacity. In 2017 we established the Research and Development Center certified by the Ministry of  Science, Industry and Technology. Knowing the importance of scientific studies in this era, developing appropriate products, maintaining customer expectations, with the vision of " happy customers, happy future".


Hydraulic Press Brakes, Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, Turret Punch Presses, Plasma / Oxy Cutting Machines, Expanded Metal Presses

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