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Foundation: 2020


Lafcioğlu seafood has succeeded in becoming a preferred company in the sector with its customer-oriented services by emphasizing healthy, quality and product diversity in its works.

As Lafcioğlu Seafood, since 2020 , it has made it a mission to implement all kinds of changes in the sector it serves in order to bring its image and brand to better places, by observing and assimilating technological developments.


Lafcioğlu Seafood has been the trade representative of Japan Company , Goshoku Co.,ltd since 2018. Goshoku group are one of the leading companies specialized in Japanese groceries as a manufacturer, trader and wholesaler in Chile, Vietnam, China, Singapore and USA and Turkey.

Products: Fresh and frozen Trout, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Foodstuffs, Far Eastern dried seafood and dry foods

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