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Foundation: 1993


Karali Çay was established in the center of Rize in 1993, and the foundations of our first factory were laid during these years. As Karali Tea, our main field of activity is tea. It has been one of the key players of the tea industry in Turkey for nearly 30 years, serving with the understanding of "quality first". Following the Mersin Regional Directorate, regional directorates were also established in the provinces of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa in order to create the sales network. Sales and after-sales service are provided directly by our company in the regions where our regional directorate is located, and by our dealers in other regions. Our fields of activity include a tea boiler and olives. In all of our investments, our company takes into account the changing consumer needs; Süzen Sachet also produces teapot bags and herbal teas.

Our organic bulk black tea, straining bag and infuser bag teas, which have been introduced to the market to meet the consumer demand for organic nutrition, whose popularity has increased day by day in recent years, are the first in the sector. Our company is growing with solid steps, increasing its market share every year and gaining consumer confidence. One of the indicators that this trust is increasing day by day; It was crowned with the "Golden Brand Award", the World Quality Award and other quality awards, as "one of the most admired and preferred brands" in the sector by the All Consumer Protection Association in Turkey. The market will continue to grow without compromising on quality.

The best quality tea in the world is grown in the Black Sea and Rize. One of the reasons it is top quality is that it snows on the tea gardens in winter. No pesticides are added to the teas grown in Rize. Since it is not thrown away, we produce the most natural product. Quality in tea, diversification, herbal teas, each of these is a different sector. Tea exports in Turkey started to increase gradually. While we sell the products we produce in the domestic market, our company is advancing with rapid breakthroughs in order to sell our domestic and national tea under this flag on these lands in export.

As Karali Çay, we will always continue our investments by producing high quality products suitable for Turkish and World tastes, by following the innovations and increasing our sector share.

Products: Bulk Tea, Cup Bag, Tea Bag

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