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Foundation: 1993


It is the year 1940. Karadeniz Kardeşler started to market the dairy products such as butter, cheese, and minzi, which they bought from the villagers of Vakfıkebir, for the first time. It was in the year 1945 that, Karadeniz Kardeşler, who started to produce their own products, laid the foundations of Kebir, which would become one of the biggest dairy brands in Turkey years later. Despite the tough marketing conditions of the 40s, Karadeniz Kardeşler, who managed to sell their products not only in Black Sea Region but also in Marmara Region, kept growing without compromising taste and quality. In 1963, Karadeniz Kardeşler started to market the natural flavors of Vakfıkebir to Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions. Since then to this very day, they have both grown the Kebir brand and had a great impact on the development of Vakfıkebir by investing in the land where their story started. When the ’90s arrived, Kebir was ready to add flavor to every meal all around Turkey. With the establishment of Karadeniz Kardeşler A.Ş (Karadeniz Kardeşler Inc.), Kebir became the brand of the whole of Turkey. In line with the demands that were growing every day, Kebir sped up its investments to serve more high-quality and more delicious products, and to meet Turkey’s breakfast needs in the 2000s. The manufacturing facility in Vakfıkebir was renovated by modernizing it to be suitable to the worldwide standards, and they did not only use the natural milk of Vakfıkebir, but also increased the product range by collecting the freshest milk from other villages in Turkey.


Today, as the Kebir family, we process 200 tons of milk and 30 tons of butter per day with our 400 employees in our modern production facility of 10.000 m2, located in Vakfıkebir and 6.000 m2, located in Beşikdüzü, where we blend our experience from the past with today's technologies; and we employ more than 20 thousand people with our more than 5 thousand suppliers.

Products: Butter, Cheese, Buttermilk, Yoghurts

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