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Foundation: 2022

Our company, which has been serving in the food industry since 2018, has been producing chocolate and coffee under the name of CHAKRA CHOCOLATE and CHAKRA COFFEE since 2022.

Chakra Chocolate; We produce our own flavor by combining chocolate niks produced from special cocoa beans grown in Ivory Coast with quality cocoa butter. After these chocolates are tempered, turned into couverture and brewed for a certain period of time, they are transformed into Chakra Chocolate in the final stage and packaged to reach their special customers.

Chakra Coffee; The coffee beans specially collected from each region are delivered to our expert roasters to be processed according to their types. The beans of our coffees go through a quality and correct processing process and become the final product. Turkish coffee beans are specially procured from Yemen. Our Turkish Coffee is 100% Arabica, and our Espresso is made ready for sale by being put into one-sided special valve packages in the form of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta blends.

Our aim as a company; To bring our chocolate and coffee to the registered products segment, which has been appreciated by the relevant institutions, and to make our brand a well-known brand in Turkey and around the world, and to represent our country worldwide in our field.

Products: Coffee, Choclate

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