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Foundation: 2015

Our life is one filled with hope, blossoming in hazelnut orchards and bearing fruit. We were born into a large family engaged in hazelnut farming and trade, four sisters in total. Our childhood summers were spent in hazelnut orchards, and we used hazelnuts like treasures in our games. Our first venture began when we had just learned to read and write; we started by selling hazelnuts we collected ourselves. At that time, the taste of the earnings we gained through hard work lingered in our mouths, and it brought us back together, despite later graduating from different university departments.

The "Hazelnut," the gem of the Black Sea, one of our country's most precious products, is a family tradition for us. It represents the hard work in the hands of Black Sea women, the hope in their hearts, the abundance in their pockets, the joy at their tables, and the reason for coming together.

Turning hazelnuts, which hold so much meaning for us, into a brand and marketing it to the world for the women of Turkey and the Black Sea is our most important mission. In the process of progressing on this path, our goal is to increase the added value of hazelnuts, demonstrate the value of this product to all local producers, and create a global brand. We extend our boundless gratitude to our esteemed guests who have become part of our story and have guided our path

Products: Hazelnut paste and hazelnut cream varieties

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